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Title : Saving Lives of Our Dear Health Workers by using Arduino Robot
Description : Today Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a very important issue in the whole world. The health workers are constantly fighting against it day and night. They are constantly fighting to save our lives and our dear country. Due to which they are also being affected and many are losing their lives. Going into direct contact with patient they are getting affected by this virus. By keeping health workers out of contact with patients, we can reduce the incidence of health workers being infected. In this case we can use robots instead of health workers to reduce incidence. That’s why I have taken up this project. Project Description: In this project I used the most used development board Arduino. It is developed by the C and C++ programming. This robot is usually a carrier which will be carry various medical equipment and medicines. It will be controlled by Bluetooth, but if we use it in a large field we have to use “ESP8266” or easily Internet connection. But in this prototype model we used Bluetooth connection. It can be controlled by Android Mobile with button or voice control or we can use with remote control also. In this project we used these components. They are: 1. Arduino Uno with A/B type USB cable 2. 2 or 4 Wheel Motor Chassis kit 3. SR-04 Ultrasonic Sensor 4. Micro Servo Motor 5. L293D Motor Driver 6. HC-05 Bluetooth Module 7. Jumper Wires (M/M, M/F) 8. Tray for carry equipment 9. Glue Gun How to make it? First, we have to set up the chassis set. Then, we set up the Arduino, L293D, HC-05 Module on the chassis set by Glue Gun. Then we have to connect the wires among them. We have to connect the wires according to this circuit diagram. Circuit diagram link: Then we have to code the robot. For coding we used “Arduino” official software. Software Link for Windows OS: Before upload we have to install necessary libraries. L293D driver library: Ultrasonic Sensor library: Then we upload the code using this software. The code link is given below: Bluetooth Controller Android App: Then, we set the tray above the robot. And our robot is ready to work. Now, put equipment and medicines and start carrying them. Conclusions: This robot will contribute a lot of treatment in medical treatment. This robot will play an important role for protecting health workers. If there is such a robot, health workers can do their work without any fear.
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