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Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Based Disinfection Box

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Title : Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Based Disinfection Box
Description : PPE, masks, hand gloves, face shield headband protection goggles are being widely used as protective equipment against the spread of Covid 19. At many cases these devices are used for one-time use and which is cost and resource intensive. Ultra violet-c radiation is used to kill micro organism. It is effective to kill wide spectrum of micro organism like bacteria viruses, mold etc. It is widely used to disinfect water. There have also examples of usage of UVC to disinfect hospital area. If is feasible to use UVC to disinfect protective equipment used for preventing spread of Covid 19 for using those for multiple times that can be helpful to reduce cost and resource use. Already we have made and supplied UVC based sanitary napkin disinfection box for NGOs. As UVC is harmful for eye and skin it is important to design such systems in a way that can block exposure of UVC to human eye and skin. We have made disinfection box with stainless steel along with a magnetic gasket based security door. As the surfaces to be disinfected are needed to be exposed to UVC, two UVC lamps are used at the top and the bottom side of the disinfection box. This disinfection system requires only 24W electricity to operate and can be directly connected to 220V connections. It can be operated by solar electricity by adding some additional apparatus. Our Product at a glance: Dimensions (in inch): (W*L*H) 25*14*14 Structure: Stainless steel Electrical connections: 220V; 50-60Hz Wattage: Each UV lamp- 12W; Total two lamps Total wattage-24W Total order received: 4 Clients: (1) Shushilan, (2) SDI, (3) MMS. Note- another 8 NGOs are interested Donor NGO: Oxfam Total supplied: 1 (operating by Shushilan at Satkhira) Capacity: 8 pads per operation Time duration per operation: 7-10 minutes Features: • Items can be disinfected: Musk, safety goggles, hand gloves, drinking glass, water, cutlery etc • Portable • Rust proof rigid structure made with stainless steel • Quick process • Chemical less disinfection • No noise • Low electricity consumption • Security door with magnetic gasket based lock to prevent leakage of UV light • Scalable & can be modified (middle shelf can be replaced by UV transparent glass) Price of the system (for default setup) - 30,000 Taka Note: The system is scalable and can be modified to use for large size protective equipment like PPE.
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Video Link : https://youtu.be/6H5e8fe5VSg