"ACT COVID 19" National Hackathon

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Rules & Regulations
A. General:
  • - Participant(s) must be Bangladeshi National(s)
  • - Participant(s) can registers as an Individual or as a Team
  • - Highest number of team members is 5 (Five)
  • - Participants should submit their ID (NID/Institution ID)
B. Submission Guideline:
  • - Participants should have a Prototype of a Minimum Viable Product of their solution
  • - Participants should submit a Presentation and a Video on their solution
  • - Presentation and and Videos should have:
    • A brief idea about you
    • A detailed idea about your Solution
    • How your solution addresses the problems
    • Scalability and Sustainability Model
    • Timeplan
    • Development process of the solution
  • - Videos should be in 3 to 5 minutes
Please note:
  • - The decision of the jury board is final
  • - The organizing authority holds the right to cancel any submission
  • - The organizing authority holds the right to make any changes in the campaign