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Monosheba - An Online Psychological Solution

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Title : Monosheba - An Online Psychological Solution
Description : Monosheba is the first-ever non-profit organization working with a goal to ensure free psychological treatment for everyone in Bangladesh. We’ve provided psychological services to 1,513 people for FREE! We have our website and mobile application through which people can get free online counseling sessions, test mental condition, post about psychological problems & get solution, discuss various mental health-related topics by blogging & contact us through live chat! We’ve the largest database of all mental health service provider. We're providing all these services for free. To improve our infrastructure, services & to reach people we need funding and your support. Visit our website: http://www.monosheba.com/. Our Mobile App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.monosheba.app
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Video Link : https://youtu.be/Szkjv0aJLNs