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One stop Parenting App by ToguMogu

Solution Information:
Title : One stop Parenting App by ToguMogu
Description : An One stop Parenting App to support expecting and young parents in this crisis situation with live communication with healthcare professional, psychological support, baby products and other items for children in one place. Emergency information can be pushed as notification. Which will help ensure safe childbirth, proper health care and uninterrupted supply of necessary items staying at home, staying safe. During the corona virus crisis, like many other people, the parents of children or the expecting parents are also suffering from lack of information and services. Due to limited access to transportation and healthcare services, expecting parents and new parents are in a difficult situation to avail necessary healthcare, children related products and relevant information. ToguMogu Pvt. Limited is working on making life easy for young parents for a long time. We already have a huge knowledge base, articles, product and services which can help the young parents to survive this situation. We are proposing a Parenting App for expecting and young parents of children up to 10 years old, where they will get emergency healthcare-related information, live conversation with certified doctors, psychological support from professionals, baby products, stationery and toys for children. Children education and entertainment contents (e.g. e-books, audiovisual), and parenting educational contents will also be available in the app. All these will be available through both mobile app and website. The ToguMogu App will help to ensure safe childbirth during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as will create awareness among the parents by providing notifications and important message. The app will also help provide good research data about children and their parents which will help to improve different government services and achieve the SDGs. We already have a prototype functioning and serving a good number of parents. If we get support from this initiative, we can improve our app to serve every parent of Bangladesh with children from 0 to 10 years old.
Category : Mobile App