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IoT enabled auto solution for OMS distribution

Solution Information:
Title : IoT enabled auto solution for OMS distribution
Description : At Vertical Innovation Ltd, we are already delivering IoT enabled vending machines. These IoT enabled vending machines to accept digital payments, operate automatically, and monitored via a centralized server system. To maintain “Social distancing” we have come with an intelligent IoT based OMS distribution system. This OMS distributing vending machine will reduce the number of people gathering to near OMS distribution point as this IoT enabled vending machine can be installed in para/mahallas. When the vending machine is close to being empty, the server will send a notification to the operation team to refill that particular vending machine. The server will track the identity of all customers, so it can be ensured that one person is getting a fixed amount of product for a given period of time. In a nutshell, this IoT enabled vending machine ensures proper distribution of OMS products, relief, and VGF. It also reduces mass gathering and monitoring OMS products which all are essential for combating COVID-19
Category : IoT
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Video Link : https://youtu.be/YRDok34crNU