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Manobotar Ghor

Solution Information:
Title : Manobotar Ghor
Description : At present, due to this pandemic, the most affected groups of people in our society are the lower middle class and the poor people. So, to protect them and to speed up the humanitarian assistance, ‘Corona Fighter Bangladesh' wants to work effectively with the help of the technology during and post COVID-19 period by project “Manobotar Ghor”. The objective of this project is to establish a direct connection between the well-established and the wealth less people through a mobile app so that the medical facilities, the donation of food, blood, money, clothes, toys, several household items etc. can easily be taken from the donors or transferred to the seekers. With this app, the people who are suffering due to COVID-19 would find it easy to save their life and also the participation of humanitarian works in the society would increase. Additionally, this project will take the activities of 'Digital Bangladesh'-the project of the Government of Bangladesh one step forward and will ensure a better transparency in the humanitarian activities run by the charities.
Category : Mobile App
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Video Link : https://youtu.be/pskfRnNZtvk