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Moner Bondhu

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Title : Moner Bondhu
Description : Moner Bondhu will build the first ever mental health App in Bangladesh exclusively for COVID-19 response. The main features will be: 1) ChatBot: Users can take counseling at any time with the chatbot, which will be designed with the help of counseling psychologists and psychiatrists. 2) Counseling: People can take video and audio counseling. There will be dedicated counselors for domestic violence victims. 3) Self-Help: The self-help section will have write-ups and tips on common mental health issues faced by people during COVID-19, e.g. feeling anxious, stress or panic, having reduced motivation, being productive while working from home, etc. 4) Guided Meditation in Bangla: The guided meditation segment will contain recorded guided meditations in Bangla on mindfulness, stress relief, sleep improvement, etc. 5) Guided Meditation for kids: The guided meditations will be targeted to kids, to calm them down and to increase their ability to focus on studies.
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