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Rad Assist

Solution Information:
Title : Rad Assist
Description : RadAssist is the first AI-based teleradiology solution developed in Bangladesh. Our platform allows radiologists to provide their reports from home and makes the reporting more efficient and accurate with the help of AI. The platform supports all types of radiological images including X-ray, CT, and MRI. Our solution addresses the Covid-19 pandemic situation in three ways. (1) Providing safety for the radiologists by allowing them to work from home. (2) Connecting rural hospitals and diagnostic centers with expert radiologists in urban areas maximizing their contribution as there is a shortage of radiologists in the country. (3) Use our assistive AI algorithm to support the radiologist in screening Covid-19 patients through Chest X-rays. Our web app (http://radassist.net) is already available online and we are currently piloting our service in several Dhaka based hospitals free of cost. Our deep learning algorithm can already detect Covid-19 symptoms from chest X-ray images with an accuracy of 99% on an open dataset. However, this dataset is small and the results cannot be generalized for real-world scenarios. The assistive algorithm for the radiologist is currently under development and will be added to the platform once we have access to more data through the platform for validation and algorithm fine-tuning.
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