Solution Information:
Title : Instant Relief/money distribution to actual end-user through banking channel without having a bank account.
Description : An electronic point-payment system for distribution of relief is proposed to avoid system loss of current system. Through direct account transfer via a special Secure Payment Gateway. Q_cash, DBBL, etc. and mobile banking ( b-kash) individually can make the role of a carrier to the end-user. It includes the concept of (USA Food Card, and Japan my-number card), but the process is different. It includes a database of ultra-poor, poor, and lower-middle-class. (ইউনিয়ন তথ্য কেন্দ্র), S. Russell Lab, TNT and Post Office, agent bank) will be the access point. Finally, the end-user can withdraw a certain percentage of money using any banking system although they don't have a bank account. and the rest of the money can be used to buy food form a designated shop or OMS.
Category : Software