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Title : Tracie-We Are Bangladesh, Mobile app to prevent COVID-19
Description : Tracker is a mobile app designed to track people using Bluetooth, Ultrasound, location, and phone number. Once the app is installed, it starts tracking whether it is running in the background or foreground. **Working Procedure This app continuously searches for other users within the close range of 3-5 feet with Bluetooth and ultrasound. Whenever it detects any user within the range it uses Bluetooth to collect data and ultrasound to see if the users are separated by any physical barrier. If both criteria meet it stores the event of contact on both user’s databases. Additionally, these other users who came into contact with these traced users can also be traced. These contact information can be seen by both users and authorities. Here users can only see the number of contact events filtered by the contact person's condition whereas the authorized parties have access to detailed information of the contact and everyone related. **The Users. This app provides service to regular users, doctors and law enforcement bodies and the government. *1. The user can see if he/she is at risk based on contact history. One can also check their own risk factor against predefined symptoms. And ask for medical assistance. *2. The medical entities and doctors can decide if someone requires medical attention and COVID-19 test. Based on the testing phase and test result, a doctor can set patients' criteria. *3. The government and law enforcement bodies can find out those who are at risk of being infected or already tested positive. With this information at hand, proper isolation and measures can be taken to stop the spread of the virus. *People under risk of COVID-19 include those who are: returned from abroad, symptoms match with COVID-19, and people who came in contact with the first two categories. Under-risk people of Covid-19 who try to hide themselves to avoid isolation can be sent their information via this app by neighbors to nearby law enforcement authorities (Ex - thana) so that they can be brought into quarantine. **Device(IoT): *In our factories and educational institutions where everyone doesn’t have a smartphone to run the app on, we can easily solve the issue by a low-cost device (within BDT 200 - 400 per device). The device will be economically viable as it will be implemented using a speaker, microphone, Bluetooth device and small storage with a low-cost processor. **Other features include COVID-19 Map, Live Statistics, World news, Notification, Reminder, COVID-19 test, Multiple Language Support.
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