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Title : Relief Demand and Supply Management System
Description : In this circumstance of Covid-19, people are coming out from home & gathering continuously which is dangerous. During any disaster, along with the government, many well people try to raise their helping hand for the socioeconomically disadvantage people by their own initiative in a certain area. Few people receive relief from many donators beyond need where few suffers for immediate relief. Our solution is tracing all family of disadvantage people and calculate specific food item requirement for them on daily/weekly basis and area basis. All relief collect and store centrally than distribute based on tracing data and follow up for next days. This solution could reduce the contamination of Covid-19 by preventing people coming out from home for receiving relief. It is predict the daily/weekly demand of the relief for a specific area. Finally deliver selective relief items to disadvantage people what they actually need. Stay Home, Stay Safe. Thank you.
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