Solution Information:
Description : I am planning to design a Modular Hospital using containers. Converting them to Hospital Rooms and ICU, Nurse Station, Quarantine Cell, Equipments, Etc. following WHO Specification for a proper respiratory hospital and ISO Specifications for Container design so the containers can be moved and transported by all type of container handling equipment. Imagine setting up a hospital in Teknaf or Tetulia. We can take help of engineering and designing help from ARMY, NAVY, PORT software and also Private and Public Universities can be consulted like BUET, CUET, NSU, AIUB. My idea is to make a Hospital with Maximum mobility and Expandable or Downsizing options, and transported to remotest places of Bangladesh to support patients. I have already involved some engineers and asked them to design it incase someone can make it come to reality. I want to present the idea to Bangladesh Government so it can be extended further with the right people and help maximum citizens of Bangladesh.
Category : Equipment