Solution Information:
Title : Low Cost Automated Disinfected Chamber
Description : Raw materials of my developed project is very cheap and available in our country. By this chamber we can disinfected full bofy including foot within 2 sec. In this pandemic period it is very important to install it in our country at every indoor scenario of airports, office buildings, banks, hospitals, apartments & super shops to disinfect pedestria, pet & luggage. Total project cost is 15k (not including disinfected chemical) which is very cheap with respect of other countries automated chamber. 1 chamber take only 7 hours to assemble and if we get sufficient manpower and funding then it is very easy to assemble more than 15 pieces chamber within 1 day to fight against COVID-19. So, we need an opportunity to assemble this automated chamber in this pandemic period to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Category : Electro-Mechanical