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Title : "মুক্তমন -উন্মুক্ত হোক মনের জানালা”
Description : "মুক্তমন ”, the first of its kind, a virtual therapy and mental health app, which comes along with the first chatbot in Bengali on this field. While most of the technological interventions are concerned with preventing the virus from spreading, very little has done on mental health issues due to outbreak of COVID-19. Mental health treatment facilities must stay open around the clock during the period of pandemic.Protective measures against the spread of the coronavirus lead to the collapse of familiar structures of health support. This generates the necessity of e-therapy and e-counselling services for mass people. “মুক্তমন”, is designed and developed to support in mental health issues during this critical time for the people of our motherland. This unique app works in three important aspects: virtual therapy for individual, chatbot developed with AI in Bangla to improve mental health and making a bridge between mental health support seekers and mental health support givers.
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