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Title : Sebok
Description : Sebok is a new kind of social platform which will help people to connect with their nearest one by location. In this pandemic we tried to help people by building a true social media so that people in need get help in time during this lock down. Our so-called social media is creating space among the people who live near to us. Even sometimes we don't know the people living in the same building. In past there is no need of this kind of solutions because people were more social. But now things has been changed. So we are trying to solve this problem with our own social media. At first we launched a named "প্রহরী" at google playstore which has a simple feature where people can ask for help by mentioning their location. After launching we got huge response, per day hundreds of people asking for help through the app. Then we realized we need to build a platform where people can ask for help and where social organizations can find the people who are in need. Moreover sometimes we do not need any organizations because the neighbors are keen to help, they just need a reliable platform. To maintain privacy we are also developing our own messenger and social media. Though it need times, resources and mentors to build this kind of project but we are almost near. We will attach the prototype till know we developed which will give a clear idea how near we are. Imagine we can connect the group of people who are standing nearby by a simple mobile app! How amazing and powerful it will be! It will not only help our country in this pandemic but also in near future when people need to unite for any social cause. To see how desperate people are for this app please have a look our existing app named প্রহরী which has been launched few days back at google playstore. Now we are trying to connect as much as people so that we get all kind of help like medical, food, financial or mental support. All the people and organization we contacted are much helpful. We need your support to help our country. After all মানুষ মানুষের জন্য and it is our tagline.
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