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Title : Stay Home, Save Nation
Description : I am Md. Nadim Hasan, I am a proud Bangladeshi citizen by birth, working as a senior accounting officer at a private company. Jasmin Akter is my team member. My Solution is below here: 1. Risk areas need to be identified through local representatives and Take action. 2. A software will create to identify the benefits of finances or food. The software that will detect the recipient's NID and Fingerprint at the time of receiving the relief and added the mobile no, number of members. 3. There is no way to measure whether the support an individual receives is sufficient for his/her family or for how long he/she can survive with it. 4. The government will have to set a precedent by bringing in speedy punishment for those who are found guilty of corruption. 5. There should be an area-based committee comprising of public and private members who are seeking to come forward either team or individually. The committee will awareness promotion and relief distribution.
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