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Title : Bidya Guru
Description : Bidya Guru is a platform for 21st Century learners. Anybody from anywhere can join the platform to learn from the best teachers. It is a web based platform where students and teacher will be able to connect each other view a video call. Bidya guru has created a common whiteboard which is really smart enough to write from both side of the users. It will allow users to upload ppt, doc, video,audio and pdf files too. Students can access their academic courses like; mathematics, English, Religion, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Biology etc. Beside this Bidya Guru is providing solution for different competitive exams like; BCS, Bank job, Corporate job etc. We believe, students need to develop certain set of specialized knowledge on career and life skills. To keep pace with the learners of developed country our learners needs to focus on 21st century essential skills. like; Communication skill, team work, leadership, networking skill, relationship management etc. Bidya Guru is such a platform where anyone can access any of the tutor they are seeking for. It has reduced the cost of private tutors. Certification & review have created a authentic way to select better tutor. Before Bidya Guru, Private home Tutors had no platform to provide work experience certificate. They have lots of allegation against the guardians regarding disrespect & delay of payment. We have created Bidya Guru Learning Centers to lessen the cost of learning and to ensure quality of learning. We believe, smart tutors and learners will definitely join this amazing platform to be a part of educational revolution. Yes we should not forget the contribution of the private tutors in our educational life. As a public university student i know very well how important it is to get a private tuition to meet the daily expenses. So many of our unemployed educated youths are really dependent on tuition earning. Our Honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina has declared to lessen the gap between urban and rural area. I believe, digitization of private learning will ensure accessing better teachers from anywhere of the country. Yes, we are committed to maintain quality and to follow governments policy. Thank you.
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