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Title : 3 Low Cost Health Safety Product
Description : We are working with 3 Health Safety Products Safety Goggles: It is important for everyone as like mask. The imported goggles cost 500-1500 TK. However, we have created 3D model, with that we can create flexible plastic goggles with that easily. Price will be less than 30tk.For Commercial Production roll polythene will be used. It has high demand, Can be exported abroad after meet the demand of the country Poly PPE gown: It is not stitched made with ordinary poly bags and tep. Production cost is less than Tk 20 TK. According to WHO, any type water-proof materials can be for PPE. It can be made in an automatic way in polythene producing factories. Making from home is also possible - which can create employment. Later it can be sold as Pocket Rain Court ( in very cheap price ) . Pocket Shop: It can be kept in a money bag when a leaf needs to be soaped with water. We'd love to work with them if we get support.
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