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Description : Nowadays we are having trouble with COVID-19 aka coronavirus. This has changed the whole world of different sectors. The most hampered sector is no doubt the medical sector. According to WHO's report, around 4.02M people are already being infected due to COVID-19. Besides, approximately 279K people are already dead due to this pandemic. In Bangladesh. according to WHO's report, around 14,657 people are already being infected due to COVID-19. Besides, approximately 228 people are already dead due to this pandemic. Researchers said, Bangladesh need at least 25,000 ventilators but we have just 500 hundred ventilator for 17 million people that mean one ventilator for 3.4 lakh people. When a man/woman get affected by COVID-19, he/she suffers from a serious breathing problem. Finally, he/she gets affected by pneumonia. In this case, they get admitted themselves into hospital. The first and foremost duty of a hospital is to provide the COVID-19 patients with medical ventilator. During this pandemic, 3.21M people are already been infected as mentioned earlier. Most of them got themselves admitted to the hospital. Most of these hospitals are already in want of a medical ventilator. And during this situation they are eagerly waiting for a low-cost ventilator to be provided. In this case, team71, a robotics enthusiastic team of Bangladesh, is seriously working on this type of low-cost ventilator project that could be manufactured on a large scale in production houses as well as industries. We have made several models of low-cost ventilators. Finally we are presenting our cost-efficient ventilator. This ventilator could be used in all cases of emergency(COVID-19) as well as during simple pneumonia. Our ventilator is easy to be operated. One can easily install one in his/her bedside and taking the help of a ventilator, he/she can breathe easily. The device named “ FREE BREATHER 71” is an add-on device to automate the bag valve mask (BVM). This device will address medical concerns regarding the ventilation of patients experiencing respiratory distress in low resource settings, areas that lack funding and resources for health care. The needs for this device as follows: *Patients with reversible respiratory compromise lack a reliable method of continuous safe ventilation *Hand compressed ventilation must last the duration of the patients stay, ranging from a day to weeks *Lack of medical personnel results in family members performing this task resulting in inconsistent ventilation Due to the limited funds and resources available, the device must adhere to additional constraints unrelated to its ability to effectively ventilate a patient, which include: *Limited energy resources *High durability due to unpredictable environmental conditions *Limited access to transportation and replaceable parts After consulting various physicians and experts in emergency medical training and respiratory distress, several design objectives were identified and are listed below: *Accurate ventilation volumes and frequencies for adults, children, and infants *Ease of use with minimal medical training *Versatility to various commercial BVMs *Long-lasting ventilation for over 6 hours *Minimization of cost *Small size and low weight Ventilators are used to treat a wide range of patients with various needs for long periods; for this reason, the TAB must also be adjustable for all potential patients’ needs while being inexpensive and reliable in low resource settings. The design team has focused its efforts on designing an add-on device that mimics hand compression of a BVM and that optimally satisfies all of the objectives and constraints present. Currently, a functional prototype of the TAB has been evaluated using an airflow transducer to determine volume compression, frequency analysis to determine breaths per minute, and user testing to determine ease of use. The design of the TAB will be improved and modified throughout longevity and power tests. The final device will be fully encased to reduce exposure to environmental factors and incorporate a fan to minimize heat to the motor.
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