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Title : Provides emergency transportation services for patients, doctors and others medical requirements delivery within Dhaka city as well as we are encouraging mental wellness for freelancer
Description : In this crisis moment, the most important thing is that we need to stay home and securely avoid public gathering. This Corona-virus situation people are not getting infected but also the economy is harshly impacted. People are losing their job as well as it becomes impossible for them to bear their daily livelihood along with their family. As well as employees also facing problem to get a job done as the resource is not available in this crisis moment. So here comes UPARJON which is a very modern and unique concept through online where anyone can earn money at home. By Uparjon people will get a platform where he will be able to perform according to their expertise, which will allow them to earn money. Mopreover, Uparjon is very helpful for the employees too, who is searching a resource which Uparjon can provide. So people from all over the country can use this platform as their need and overcome this crisis moment.
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