Solution Information:
Title : Smart Apartment lockdown, contact tracing and isolation
Description : Apartments are the smallest unit of a society where people live. So if we need to win the fight against covid-19 we need to prepare ourselves and monitor that other people in our apartment are doing the same. Cause if any people caught corona virus and don't maintain proper isolation he/she can affect the whole building. So for Proper isolation and proper lockdown we need to have proper control of our apartment. Rokkhi will do that by the power of Iot and AI. So that everyone can maintain proper lockdown and isolation if need. and Building management committee and government can monitor that. So we can do proper maintain lockdown, isolation, digital contacting and contact tracing by our 5 features: 1. Smart CCTV 2. Smart Visitor management system 3. Digital attendance system for service workers 4. Contactless parcel management 5. Digital notice board
Category : Mobile App