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Title : Digital Disinfection Tunnel
Description : With the country struggling to deal with the COVID19 pandamic doctors are used the same PPE several time. This is very risky, Also ambulance drivers, army, security personal, administration personal who are working ground level.This sanitization system scans clothing, gloves, mask & shoes for any germ there by protecting the front liners who are directly exposed to COVID19 patients. this device helps to the health workers performs their duties with high level of safety and efficiency. Chemicals will be used food Grade Disinfectant which is totally harmless for human body. Mobile thermometric disinfection channel The temperature and disinfection integrated channel is used for sterilizing the objects, such as people, pets and goods, which are passed through the public space entrance when used for emergency public health events. The body is non-contact for detecting body temperature, and is simple, safe, intuitive and accurate to determine whether the body is abnormal in body temperature, wearing masks, and having abnormal voice alarm. It can record the test data and store the image; the intelligent control of the equipment operation does not need to be controlled by special personnel. The equipment uses food grade disinfectant to ensure personal safety; automatic rehydration, running state real-time display, automatic induction of incoming and exit objects, spraying time adjustable; equipped with casters, convenient for mobile and rapid deployment: beautiful appearance, scientific and safe design, waste liquid recovery, and protect the environment. Mobile temperature measurement channel is a kind of accurate and convenient equipment for measuring human body temperature, which can measure temperature by infrared non-contact method. When a person passes through the security inspection channel, if the temperature exceeds the set value, the system will automatically give an audible and visual alarm. If the body temperature is normal, the display is normal, and the body temperature is displayed on the screen in real time, which can effectively prevent large-scale disease infection. Now I am developing a Digital  Disinfectant  Booth  which is prototype of china's  disinfectant Booth.This is include Fog which is very low cost & affordable for daily use. It can be Used Hospital , School, Corporate Office, Garments Factory, Shopping Mall or any other public place. Chemical Cost will be tk.4 / person
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