Solution Information:
Title : Design & Construction of Three Step Decontamination Process Automation for N95 Respirator
Description : In case of COVID-19 crisis, the most important equipment for doctors and health worker is N95 mask. But, because of rising crisis of pandemic around the world, the shortage of N95 respiratory supply greatly affect the health system and need an emergency solution. As, in Bangladesh, we’ve the same problem. According to the guideline of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) ,there are some methods for decontaminating N95 masks in case of reuse. Currently the methods are using separately by many health organizations (Ex. Memorial Herber Hospital, Houston,USA).Besides using separate methods , the prescribed system can automate all the three methods in a single process line followed by CDC rules. This automation setup can decontaminate 1000 N95 mask in a single day. Thank You
Category : Electro-Mechanical