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Title : Ventilation Facility On The Doorstep To Combat CORONA
Description : Artificial respiratory device (ventilator) for patients with current coronary virus As we all know, the whole world is now plagued by the corona virus. While the medical system of the developed countries of the world is thriving to provide services, the challenge is even greater for developing countries like Bangladesh. In this situation, the most important tool in medical care is the ventilator. There are 17 hundred ventilators at the public and private levels in our country. Already the number of victims has exceeded thousands. So we are trying to find out how to deliver this essential treatment tool at a low cost. This is our small effort on behalf of the Scientiko family. It is easy to carry and rechargeable, this device will be available for up to 4 hours of support. In the present case, the patient can be submitted from his home with the support of this ventilator to the hospital. The cost of making this device without the Embu bag will be like Tk. 4 to 5 thousand.
Category : Equipment