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Title : Artificial Intelligence in collaborating Mobile Operators with the support service providers
Description : 7 Steps to reach majority  population during covid 19 and create  a holistic mechanism for contact tracing, food distribution,  stimulus  management ,  security during pandemic and customer service at the lowest cost. Reality : Mobile Internet User 85.6 million, Mobile Phone User 157 Million, 4 major telecom operator with full coverage, App making is relatively cheaper in BD,Intervention with Apps only won't work, No accuracy in demand and supply of Food distribution, Security system is under threat, Lack of contact tracing increasing the risk and extending the lockdown. 1. Make Partnership- Collaborate GP,Banglalink, Robi,  Teletalk  and ICT ministry along with IT startups with GIS based app making expertise.Phone companies can trace every number functioning under individual network towers nationwide and every number is register with Voter ID.  2.Retrieve Data and Interpret - Operators can filter on Recharge history, age data, call duration , calling time, internet usage of individual contact number and build  economic idea on spending nature, e.g. low reccharge amount + no internet  =  Either elderly solvent or young insolvent. Driving force - Mobile operators can read data through DTMF technology to analyze responses and Machine driven automated calls can reach millions at once. 3.Get App Developers on Board- Whoever install the app alike "Aroggya Seba" will be excluded from automated call system. Apps will Provide GIS based data on contact tracing, doctors' info and home remedy of corona infection along with mental health component. (Young Population will install apps and keep updated who will remain excluded from the call mechanism once they register,Community service providers  also need apps to connect which is different than general app) 4.Make content and trigger - Audio Message will be recorded and sent to every number prioritizing the density of population ( active numbers under a network tower) . People will be able to response through DTMF code and data will be evaluated at a cloud based data analysis tool.  Even "voice to text" feature can be availed to analyze users responses through key words.  5. Data analysis - DTMF data will be analyzed and share to local government representatives, health service providers, relief providers, law enforcement agencies automatically through the network system to trace and take actions maintaining social distance.  Data will determine immediate need. (e.g : someone calling 333 very frequently means s/he or his family member is in trouble and alternative support needs to be activated and community needs to  be notified) for example- Panic can be traced through dialing behavior  6. Prioritizing Actions - User responses will say whether it is a panic for insecurity, or infection; food shortage or domestic violence; and whether that can be facilitated without machine intervention . Action distribution will be auto directed using Artificial Intelligence based data processing system and majority can be reached at the quickest period.  7. Win win game , participatory, Transparency, Trust - TV channels has to advertise the system, boosting through social media will elevate data accuracy. People will be less panicked and develop confidence to community, local govt and law enforcement agencies.  Since everyone is working from home, a good majority (equipped with authentic knowledge) will be able to volunteer by donating time, money and advise through volunteer apps.   Thanks, Shabbir
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