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Title : Battling COVID Rumors with Bangla Voice AI
Description : We propose a voice based Question Answering (QA) system with the ability to provide answers to questions about COVID-19. The spread of rumors in Bangladesh has given rise to the importance of having a voice based QA system that can provide answers to the mass people based on trusted sources such as WHO, CDC, IEDCR etc. The proposed solution will have the following 5 modules. 1) User Interface (UI) Module 2) Speech-to-Text Module 3) Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Module 4) Trusted QA knowledge base 5) Text-to-Speech Module At first, a user asks a question audio and the system uses a Bengali speech-to-text conversion engine to convert the question audio to text. Then, we will need to match the question to our existing Question-Answer knowledge base for the corresponding answer text and pass the answer to a text-to-speech system. Finally, we provide answer audio, the output of the text-to-speech system to our user
Category : Machine Learning
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