Solution Information:
Title : Monobondhu
Description : Monobondhu is an online app which will be entertaining thousands of patients at a time in a very cost-effective way. It will also create a number of employment in a very innovative way. We want to create an online support mechanism for the mass people and bring them into a practice of taking care of mental health. The app will be developed for both Android and IOS platform. It will be very user-friendly with video and audio counselling facilities for individuals or groups. Psychologists and patients both have to register to join the platform. The patient will chose the psychologists after registering the app. He or she can take video counselling or audio counselling from the psychologist of choice. After the first session the psychologist will plan a counselling plan with the consent of the patient the app will manage the scheduling and reminder system. Any psychologist will be able to call for a group counselling session on a pre announced topic.
Category : Mobile App