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Title : Spondon A Low Cost Vantilator
Description : Features: 1. Mode is by default in V-CMV. 2. Tidal volume: User selectable in between 200 to 500 ml with 100 ml increment (Increments can be fine-tuned in later version) 3. Rate: Rate is user selectable in between 15 to 30 /min with an increment of 1/min 4. I:E ratio: User selectable in between 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 5. Patient triggered breath: pressure sense mode with range in between -2 to -5 cmH2O 6. PEEP: Can be achieved in range of 5 to 20 mmHg (By adding mechanical peep valve in the ventilation circuit) 7. FiO2 control: currently 21% and 100% (Fine tuning can be added in later version 8. Peak inspiratory pressure: Can be monitored in each cycle in the display Alarms 1. Disconnect alarm. 2. High inspiratory pressure alarm. Power supply 1. 220 v power supply 2. Battery backup for 30 minute (Not added in prototype) Infection control 1. Disposable internal breathing circuit.
Category : Electro-Mechanical
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