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Title : BAALA
Description : “BAALA” Team - Alpha Optimus 369 Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology Abstract: 1. Objective: We have come with a product which will act as a personal assistant to a pregnant woman because this beautiful act of nature has some dark side behind it because estimated 211 million pregnancies that occur each year globally but only an estimated 123 million succeed. Source: World Health Organization 2. Beneficiaries: The device we are presenting is actually is a substitute of the persons who are meant to be the helping hands of a pregnant woman. This device is actually for a pregnant mother and every single person who are related to the mother directly or indirectly. We want to make this device a must in maternal care. 3. Value of results: The main user of our product is pregnant women. We focus on the monitoring system of pregnant woman. Statement of Problem: A pregnant woman and a new mother face few problems. Because in maternal care, a mother needs a lot more than helps which are medical care, up to date health condition, growth of fetus, tri semester notification etc. But sometimes, they don’t find any help which increases risks of the fetus, new born child and the mother. Research: There are lots of electronic devices and unphysical software which are meant to do the health care services. But there is none but a unique device like ours specially for mothers. A renowned chip developing company is trying to develop something aiming similar to our product. But it’s still on its laboratory process and the estimated primary price of the product is sky high. Such products will be out of reach from mass amount of people. A product which is especially maternal care is a so much need that over 6million people searched for products related to maternal care in Google. It is clear that people who are enlighten by the fact that maternal can be digitalized are obviously waiting for such a device. Technical Report: This device is mainly divided into two parts. One is physically visible which a woman will wear during her pregnancy and another is an app which can storage data likewise blood rate, pulse rate, glucose, bpm etc. The device can send message in emergency cases. This app can show the data to doctor that is stored after one week. This device can act as an assistant of a pregnant women with it’s notification system. A basic node MCU with wireless feature can control all this sort of things with it. Result: This device will make the society to see maternal care in another way. The device we are talking about is not only going to help the pregnant women, but establish a huge foundation of new age maternal care also. When we are providing the care, which are executed by humans in a form where we are actually cutting participation of humans, we are making health care more reliable as well as more efficient. We are ensuring people’s enrollment in other sectors decreasing time periods of maternal care resulting maximum output from a neighborhood, eventually of a nation and this is very much important for the countries where health care is not that much accurate and the economy itself is
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