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Title : Online Sohopathi- an online social educational platform for personalized
Description : During the CoVID-19 situation, where access to all type of quality learning facilities is impossible, teachers are not available, the only solution to the problem is turning the whole education system online. "Online Sohopathi" is an online social educational platform that works as a swiss-army-knife for providing personal one-to-one learning service. The initiative is all about creating a virtual community of students and high quality educators, where everyone can help each other personally like classmates (Sohopathi). "Online Sohopathi" is a platform connecting students and educators under a single umbrella. Our goal is to create a Swiss army Knife for personalized peer-to-peer learning, where one can get help as a student and help others as a mentor simultaneously. Through this platform, students can ask any type of question regarding their academics or career in an interactive question-answer forum. Our AI based system instantly suggests them the best learning resources, solutions to similar questions and connects them to the relevant members of our online community, who can provide the best answers. Most importantly, a student can setup online 1-to-1 learning sessions with expert mentors through a digital collaborative whiteboard. Furthermore, the 1-to-1 sessions are monitored, so a mentor cannot bypass the system, which prevents mass harassment issues and ensures accountability. Unlike other e-learning platforms, this platform creates a direct bridge for personal engagement between students and educators where students can get complete personal academic care sitting at home. It also enhances the ability for students help his/her classmates with his/her own expertise, so that the scarcity of teachers can be solved. Our online platform has the following key features and benefits: 1) Q/A Forum- There is a crowd-sourced Q/A forum just like Quora at the heart of the platform where students can ask any time of academic or career related questions for free. Expert mentors/students with specific subject expertise will always be connected here for answering the queries. Just like any other social platform, anyone can both ask/answer to questions based on his problems and expertise. This is a 24/7 service meant for students to get instant help on any academic problem that they might get stuck with and through this service students can also help each other by answering to the queries of his/her peers. 2) Information Hub- A separate Blog and Library section for accessing all types of important academic suggestions, circulars, notices etc. This part is also free and the content is collected from expert mentors. 3) Mentor Hiring Service- This is the most attractive and paid service in our platform. As we mentioned before, students can ask questions and there are mentors who are there to answer their queries directly. Through this mentor hiring service in our platform, students can directly hire the mentors who answered to their questions for proper understanding of any topic/subject or getting any sort of guideline/suggestion. The most interesting and unique thing is, anyone can register as a mentor here based on his/her expertise. This helps one student to help his/her classmate directly and get benefited both academically and financially. As we all know, there are many brilliant school/college level students who have excellent knowledge in some particular subjects. They can also enroll here as a mentor and help his/her peers. Besides that, we always have the mentors with more higher distinction and educational expertise. So, students and mentors can interact with each other 1-to-1 by online. For online teaching, the interaction between mentors and students are done through direct voice/video live call and a digital collaborative whiteboard. These online 1-to-1 sessions will be completely recorded as well in the back-end which ensures proper quality and prevents mass harassment issues. 4) Leaderboard and Gamification- In order to make the whole process sustainable, we have integrated gamification in the whole platform. Each mentor gets points for answering the questions in the website and contributing in the information hub. They also get points for completing any 1-to-1 mentoring session. Based on these points, the mentor gets different types of privileges (ex- increase in hourly payment, choosing convenient location/subject for teaching, performance bonus) etc. The point system is also integrated in the student side similarly for asking good quality questions, interacting 1-to-1 with mentors and any other contribution in the platform. Basically, our web based platform works just like an academic Facebook for Students. This is a completely new and epoch making concept in terms of Bangladesh, as we are aiming to bring the complete 1-to-1 learning system online and at everyone's doorstep.
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